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Gaggenau BO 250630/251630ovens

Gaggenau  BO 250630/251630ovens
Gaggenau BO 250630/251630 ovens

The BO250/631 series ovens are the newest highlight in the Gaggenau portfolio and the latest demonstration of our commitment to innovation in the kitchen. No other appliance series in this class combines so many useful features with such consistent design. High-grade materials like aluminum, porcelain and glass give our appliances an unmistakable profile, while the pure and uncomplicated Gaggenau design - evident in features like the robust new control knobs and large glass front - makes them stylistically neutral and able to fit well into any kitchen cabinetry. The EB 200 makes an equally convincing case on the inside too: it has the largest usable baking area of any comparable appliance and is available in different sizes and colors.

  • Smart pyrolytic self-cleaning
    A sensor continuously measures the reaction temperature in the catalyst to determine the level of soiling within the cooking space. The appliance then uses this information to set the pyrolytic self-cleaning duration automatically, so the oven stays hot only as long as necessary and no energy is wasted.

  • Porcelain Interior
    The speckled blue porcelain coating repels just about everything, so a quick wipe around with a damp sponge and a little cleanser is quite sufficient to keep the oven clean after normal use. A special porcelain coating takes the work out of looking after the oven?s broil pan and baking tray too.

  • Digital clock and automatic cooking timer
    The automatic cooking timer allows you to program a cooking start time and a duration up to 24 hours in advance. Therefore, you can put a prepared roast of meat in the oven in the morning, for example, and remove it cooked and ready just when you need it. The digital clock also functions as a short-period alarm timer. It operates independently of the oven function selected, so you can use it to time things heating on the stove or even simply to remind you to do something.

  • Side-opening oven door
    The door on the EB 200 and the EB 900 series ovens is hinged on the side (left or right as required) and opens to a full 180º, so you can stand close to the oven with both hands free to work inside. The door handle is set to one side, where it is protected from the heat of the oven and never becomes hot.

  • Air cleaning catalyst
    It is not normally possible to expel air from the oven directly to the outside, so the only way to keep the cooking air fresh is to clean it. Here too, Gaggenau leads the way. Our novel catalyst-based air cleaning system for ovens removes grease and odors from the air and, since it is self-regenerating, has an almost unlimited lifetime.

  • Precise temperature setting
    The oven temperature control covers the 120 - 570 ºF range in 5 or 10 ºF increments. Such fine control makes it easy to change temperatures during cooking, so you can start a roast on a high temperature to brown and crisp the outside and finish it off at a lower heat to keep the inside tender and pink.

  • Meat Probe
    The needle tip of the meat probe, available in most Gaggenau ovens, inserts into the center of the item being roasted or baked to measure the core temperature. The result is shown on the illuminated display. When the core temperature reaches the figure selected at the start of cooking (no higher than 210 ºF), an intermittent alarm sounds and the oven heating switches off automatically.

  • ThermoTest actual temperature display
    The actual temperature display shows the exact temperature inside the oven. Refer to it after raising or lowering the set temperature, for example, to check on heating or cooling progress and to find out when the oven has settled at the new temperature.

  • Glass shot-blasted aluminum facias
    The glass shot-blasted aluminum surface is particularly striking in combination with Gaggenau's new special built-in appliances and hoods. During manufacturing, the aluminum is bombarded with tiny glass beads to give a slightly textured finish that is not only sleek, but also extremely resistant and insensitive to splashes, food residues and fingerprints.

  • SuperQuick preheating
    Gaggenau?s SuperQuick control activates hot air heating and the lower heating element together to dramatically reduce preheating times. All current EB 200, EB 300 and EB 900 series ovens feature SuperQuick control.

  • Child and vacation lock
    The child lock is set with a combination of buttons and control knobs, preventing little hands from switching the oven on by accident. The vacation lock shuts off the heat if the oven is left on for more than 12 hours without the controls being touched.

  • Universal Heating System
    Typical of Gaggenau ovens, the universal cooking system provides up to eleven alternatives from which to select the ideal cooking mode for baking, roasting, heating, broiling and browning. A convection system with a circular heating element and fan ensures that the heat is evenly distributed through the oven in the convection mode. The conventional lower heating element may be used in combination with convection heating or the upper heating element or on its own. The upper heating element may be likewise be used alone if required. The universal cooking system also includes a dough proofing mode, an air circulation broil mode, in which a fan circulates hot air generated by the 12 pass temperature controlled broiler, and a large area broil element with variable power settings. The optional baking stone opens up additional possibilities.

  • Halogen light
    The halogen light floods the whole of the oven with a clear bright light so you can see exactly how your food is progressing.

  • Thermally insulated solid glass swivel door
    The oven door comprises of 4 successive layers of glass. This arrangement provides excellent thermal insulation, so the outer temperature of the glass remains fairly cool even at the extreme temperatures reached during pyrolytic self-cleaning. The front glass door panel of the EB 200 series is available in aluminum backed, anthracite tinted or white tinted designs.

  • Economy Program
    Each of the oven's energy-dependent functions are optimized to make it energy efficient. Energy saving measures include switching the light off during cooking and use of residual heat.

  • Rotisserie (included)
    A typical Gaggenau feature: the robust, diagonally mounted rotisserie is driven by a powerful motor while the broil tray beneath catches all the dripping juices.

  • Baking stone
    All the inspiration you need to become a dedicated bread and pizza maker, the baking stone has its own heating element - perfect for bread, rolls and pizza. The heated baking stone is a unique Gaggenau accessory: with crusty bread and pretzels, delicious cakes and mouth-watering pizzas it's like having your own clay oven.

  • Cast roaster
    This large volume roaster for the Series 200 can be combined with a separately sold heating element, and is plugged into a socket inside the oven. The temperature can be regulated to broil at a high temperature, and braise at an appropriately reduced heat with the cast roaster closed. The heated cast roaster makes it easy to cook even a large pot roast to perfection. In combination with the separate heating element, you can use the open cast roaster to broil to an exact temperature. The closed cast roaster is perfectly suited to roasting at low temperatures.

  • ER 212 Microwave Concealing Door
    The ER 212 is a solid glass door and frame that complements the EB Series 200 and is built to conceal a microwave. Can be built over an EB 270, with reversible left or right hinge. Available in anthracite and aluminum. Maximum size of microwave 20" x 13-5/8".

Oven Interior Volume 2.4 cu. ft.
Amps 16
Rating 220-240 / 60HZ / 3.7 kW

Height 23 1/4
Width 23 1/4
Depth 21 1/4

Full warranty parts and labor (1 year)


Models and Dimensions Planning Guide (177 kb)
Installation Instructions and Use & Care Manual

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